Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or TREAT costumes!

This year I decided to do a Treat theme for costumes.  Lady Loo was a cupcake and Mr. Man was a chocolate chip cookie!  They LOVED them.  The cookie was my own "design".  I use that word loosely because frankly it was 2 big circles and 15 little circles cut out of brown and tan vinyl (that I had left over from this) and then hot glued on.  SUPER easy.

The cupcake was also easy and the tutorial is found at Lemon Tree Creations.  I LOVED how it turned out.  Also, I sprayed her hair pink to go with the "frosting".  So much fun.  I created a little cupcake bag to use while trick or treating.  It turned out ok for not having a pattern.  I really loved making these costumes and we are already trying to come up with something fun for next year!  Happy trick or treating everyone!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Christmas List

I'm visiting my family this weekend so no time to craft.  But they did ask me to make up a Christmas list.  This is the easiest way to do it.  I hope you all don't mind.  Plus I have some kind of wacky things on might be interested in seeing my wish list.  If not, just ignore this post.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I was featured!!!

Hey, I was featured on Ruffles and Roses on Sunday!  Awesome!  Thanks Amber!!!  It was fun to see my tutorial pop up when I was looking through the new blog posts!

PS...If you haven't checked out her blog you should.  She has awesome tutorials!!!

Yummy Onesie

I found the CUTEST idea for a onesie.  Why is my mac saying onesie is spelled wrong?  For ONCE I'm RIGHT!!!  Whoot!  Me: 1 Mac: 0...well actually Mac: 694.  Whatever.  I BOUGHT the mac.  Anyway...

How much do you love this cupcake onesie over at Grace Violet?  I fell...head over heals.  Seriously so cute.  I had to make one for my bff's baby due in January.  I'm the kind of person who LOVES surprises so we didn't know the sex of our babes...but I gotta say, having friends who find sure does make crafting and shopping SO MUCH easier!  My other bff isn't finding out so I still get to have a fun surprise in April.  But that means she's not getting anything until after the bebe`is here.

Want to see some photos even if they were taken at night with a flash and don't do the onesie justice?  Ok!

I decided that it needed some ruffles on the butt.  Probably because I wish I could wear butt ruffles all of the time.  Flat butts suck.

I wanted it all pink and white so I added some stitching to the "wrapper" part for some texture.  I love how that turned out!

I promise that it's just laying weird and not puckered because of stitching.  It actually turned out so well!  No seam ripping or anything!  Yeah! 

FYI this took like 30 minutes.  I am positive you can do it too.  Go.  Now.  Make your bff a onesie for her baby due in January.  It's better than shopping for a gift online.  You owe it to her anyway...probably.  Just sayin'.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not a craft...

This is a "not a craft" post.  I won't have many of these, but I thought you all might like to see how I use jewelry to decorate...and how I keep my jewelry from ending up all over our bedroom.  It has its own place!  I got this wall decoration at Pier 1 for super cheap.  I still don't know why it was on sale, but I don't care.  It serves its purpose perfectly.  It's not too tight against the wall, so I'm able to even hang my chunky bracelets (7 tries at spelling that stupid word before google helped me out...and it's spelled phonetically...sheesh) on it.  I hope you like this idea for using jewelry as decor!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No time to craft!

We have been busy around here and I haven't really had much of a chance to craft lately.  I remembered I made a bracelet cuff a while back and never posted about it.  I think I forgot and also I don't have fabulous pictures of it.  But the idea is awesome and it looks pretty on my dresser.  I got the idea from Disney again over at Ruffles and Stuff.  Her cuff is awesome while mine turned out mediocre.  But it was one of my first copycat crafts so hopefully I'm getting better at following directions!

Even if your cuff turns out mediocre like mine you can still use it for decoration or give it to your daughter for dress up!

Sorry about the horrible photos.  It's all I have right now.  

Have fun making this and have a great weekend!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Beach Babe!

I love this post by Disney (how cool is her name?) from Ruffles and Stuff.  She was a guest poster at Tea Rose Home and I fell in love with this cheap/easy beautiful dress.

without the belt

I knew it would be more of a shirt for Lady Loo though because she is in 6x clothes.  It looked so darling on her and I think it will be perfect this fall under a sweet little cardigan.  I'm sure it will still fit her next spring/summer too.  What do you think?  Cute yes?!

the back...she's standing funny so it looks's not...I promise
Just a reminder...this was made from a man's t-shirt.  How much is a man's t-shirt?  Less than $5!  This tutorial fit all of my requirements.  You should try it out!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fabric Flower Hair Pretties!

I love flowers.  But since I do not have a green thumb but I do have thumb?  Ok, we'll go with that...I'll stick with fabric flowers.  I recently found this tutorial from Sisters 4 Say...More is More.  They are fun and funny and quite possibly the most stylish girls ever.  How fun right?!

So I decided to make some fabric flowers to match the awesome dress I'm making Lady Loo for our family photo op next week.  One also happens to match Mr. Man's tie as well.  I promise I do have more fabric, but I'm trying to get some fun stuff made for our pictures.  

This one will go on the dress I made Lady a spot that I...ehem...messed up on and was too lazy busy to fix.

The turquoise hair pretty has a brown button sewn on...but it looked kinda plain so I cut the back off of a pearl button and hot glued it right on top!  It's kinda big, but I still like it.  That's what she said!  Anyway, why don't you go try to make one of these pretties for yourself?  Add some sass to your outfit!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flower pot costume using only hot glue!

Ok, so I'm a freak.  It stresses me out to have my kids face all over the if there are millions looking at my little blog.  But still.  I'm a freak, so you have to look at a creepy pic of my kid with a blocked out face.  It's how I roll.

I LOVED this costume.  In all honesty it will forever be "THE" costume.  You know, the one that all others will be compared to.  It's just so stinkin' cute.  AND EASY.  Are you sensing a theme to my posts?  I only do easy things.  I don't have time (or brain cells) for difficult.  My kids have sucked away my time and brain cells and you know what?  I'm totally ok with that.  They are worth it.  So here is a fun idea for a costume...

Want a tutorial FROM ME??? OK!

What you will need:
1.  Green shirt and skirt (or leotard)
2.  Green tights
3.  Green shoes
4.  Dollar store flowers
5.  green ribbon
6.  hot glue gun and glue sticks
7.  Wooden bucket thing and saw
8.  cheapo plastic headband

(Note: I glued the flowers on the front and back of the shirt plus a strip down the top of the sleeves.)

What to do:
1. Cut out the bottom of bucket with a saw
2.  pop the flowers off the stems and hot glue them on the shirt and headband
3.  tie ribbon on the bucket handles so they cross, to use them like suspenders
4.  Put it on your kids and go door to door for some candy goodness!

(Note: I believe my husband just PUNCHED out the bottom because it was easier than sawing it out!)

Now because I'm a big fat copycat I must tell you...sigh...I did not make up this idea.  I found it here...but there isn't a tutorial...sooooo I got to do one myself!  Whoot!  Now go make a unique costume for your kiddo! son was the cutest bee you ever did see...we are theme halloweeners...snicker snicker  ;)

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Big boy tie

I made Mr. Man's very first big boy tie.  He has other ties but they all either velcro or clip at the back of the neck.  This one has to be's a real tie.  I know you want the tutorial so go on over to The Purl Bee and see how to make this beauty!  It was really easy!  It's basically all ironing and a bit of hand stitching (2 things I despise, but it was so minimal I didn't mind at all).

I went out the garage to ask enginerd if he would knot the tie for me.  He tried so hard to tie it on himself but couldn't get it over his big ol' noggin after it was tied.  So he decided to try and tie it on Mr. Man.  It was hilarious and it took 3 or 4 tries and he had to use a mirror that we have in the garage waiting to be refurbished!

So pretty all ready to go!

PS...This is our new mirror for our bedroom...$5.99 at goodwill!  I know, RIGHT?!  Just waiting for it to be painted black!

Oh and also...enginerd liked the tie so much he asked me to make him one!  WHOOT!  That's success right there!

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Whoooo made an owl?

This girl!  How cute is this idea?  Of course I had to make it for my niece since she will be having an owl 1st birthday party in a few months.  Her room is pink and brown so I decided that would be a perfect color scheme for her owl.  The buttons are a choking hazard of course so it will be decorative rather than a play toy.  It was so fun to make!  Owls are so in right now.  I had no idea, but they are all over the internet to buy or make...on jewelry, home decoration, toys, clothing.  I kinda love it.

It has crazy eyes.  I like it.

Look at her little tail!  Cute!

I got the tutorial from Hammer and Thread.  She has a free pattern, so go check it out!  

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