Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh Boy Oh Boy hat!

Lucky you!  You get more creepy photos with my kid's face blocked!  Whoot!  I know you will have nightmares tonight...but at least you will have a cute hat to look at.  FYI...I told Mr. Man he could have a treat if he wore the he's grinning like crazy.  The boy loves some treats.  I'm a briber.  I admit it.  It's how I do things and it's working out well for me.

I got this hat tutorial from Delia Creates.  What a creative genius right?  I seriously love this hat!  I used a fun baby blue and brown plaid along with fleece underneath.  I got it all from JoAnne's.  I kinda love how it turned out.

Go check out the tutorial and make a lumberjack hat!  You will be so glad you did.  And so will your son...but only if you have some m&m's to go along with it.  

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tutu cute!

I love this idea from Texas Monkey!  I got these cute leggings at Target and just spruced them up a bit.  Very easy and such a great idea.  I gave them to my bff along with this.  I think she liked them!

Wouldn't this be cute with red leggings and white tule for Christmas?  Make sure you check out the link not only for the tutorial, but also for the pictures.  These look SO much cuter on chubby baby legs than they do sitting on my back porch.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Featured on one of my favorite blogs!

I keep forgetting to post this!  I was featured on Sisters 4 Say More is More!  I'm so excited!  I adore those girls!  They have the best fashion sense out there.  You should check them out!  Just click on the button below to check out their whole blog.  Or if you want to see how I was featured, just click on the link above.

Next up is some super cute leggings for a baby gift and a fun hat for Mr. Man.  I just need to upload the photos!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Circle skirt

I have GOT to hire a better photographer.  The enginerd is just not cutting it.  I know it's my fault for waiting until dusk but hey, it's dark at like 3:00 now!  Oh well.  You get the idea.  I have a new circle skirt!   It's super easy to make, but I made the elastic to big so I'm going to have to fix that.  Or give it to one of my prego bffs!  ;)  I love it though!  I'm loving navy blue lately.  It's my color of the month I guess.

So of course I got this awesome tutorial over at made.  I love that blog.  Make sure you follow the directions for the adult version at the bottom.  I bought too little of fabric at first because I am a skimmer.  One of these days I'll actually read the whole set of directions.  Maybe.  Ok that's all.  Have fun sewing something for you!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!  I know this is a craft blog, but I came across this amazing blog post yesterday that sums my thoughts up completely.  It is so well written.  I could have never written such and eloquent post, yet it's exactly how I fell.  If you'd like to take a peek...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Turn!

I decided it was my turn for a new shirt.  I made this ruffled shirt using the tutorial from That's Sew Me.  It's even flattering on my chubbo bell-eh because it hides the muffin-top.

A muffin-top hiding shirt if you will. 
 Always a crowd pleaser.  

The strip down the middle on my shirt turned out a little wobbly, but I don't mind it that way.  I have such a HARD time sewing on jersey knit!  Anyway, now I'm working on a circle skirt for me.  Unfortunately for me I read the directions wrong and only got enough material for the child size one.  So I have to get some more material.  :)  It's kinda fun being selfish every once in a while and making something for moi.

So go ahead and make this.  It cost me $4 for the shirt which is a whole lot less than JCrew would charge me.

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