Thursday, May 12, 2011

Color me a Vase?

Ok, I'm back.  I know.  It's been MONTHS.  And yet I have new followers!  HI!  Thanks for joining.  I promise to be better about posting!   I've just been super lazy.  I've been finding great things to try left and right, but I just sat on my butt and didn't do them.

Actually I was working out like a crazy person due to my awesome online trainer.  It was taking up all of my craft time, but my belly was starting to get flat!  FLAT!  It was incredible!  But now I'm finding I miss my crafts.  So I'm back!

This craft came from Happy Clippings just in time for Lady Loo and I to do for her K teacher and her student teacher.  Both wonderful at their "craft".  Get it?  So keep this in your repertoire (google helps me spell) for next year...or the end of the year!

It looked so much prettier with the flowers in it, but I didn't get a picture with them.  

So go check out Happy Clippings to see how to make this.  Lady Loo's teachers LOVED it!