Friday, October 1, 2010

Whoooo made an owl?

This girl!  How cute is this idea?  Of course I had to make it for my niece since she will be having an owl 1st birthday party in a few months.  Her room is pink and brown so I decided that would be a perfect color scheme for her owl.  The buttons are a choking hazard of course so it will be decorative rather than a play toy.  It was so fun to make!  Owls are so in right now.  I had no idea, but they are all over the internet to buy or make...on jewelry, home decoration, toys, clothing.  I kinda love it.

It has crazy eyes.  I like it.

Look at her little tail!  Cute!

I got the tutorial from Hammer and Thread.  She has a free pattern, so go check it out!  

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  1. Love this! Too the colors :)

  2. Super cute. The eyes crack me up. Thanks for linking us.

  3. Very cute! I like this owl a whole lot. Ok, that came out weird, but I really do like it! A lot!
    I wonder if you've entered my giveaway for a free felt headband? I bet your daughter/niece would look adorable in one!

  4. I first saw this owl on Hammer and Thread. You did a wonderful job. It looks adorable. Beautiful colors. I work with special needs children and would love to make one for each (without the button eyes, which are totally adorable). I hope I can do it. Thanks for sharing.