Monday, October 25, 2010

Yummy Onesie

I found the CUTEST idea for a onesie.  Why is my mac saying onesie is spelled wrong?  For ONCE I'm RIGHT!!!  Whoot!  Me: 1 Mac: 0...well actually Mac: 694.  Whatever.  I BOUGHT the mac.  Anyway...

How much do you love this cupcake onesie over at Grace Violet?  I fell...head over heals.  Seriously so cute.  I had to make one for my bff's baby due in January.  I'm the kind of person who LOVES surprises so we didn't know the sex of our babes...but I gotta say, having friends who find sure does make crafting and shopping SO MUCH easier!  My other bff isn't finding out so I still get to have a fun surprise in April.  But that means she's not getting anything until after the bebe`is here.

Want to see some photos even if they were taken at night with a flash and don't do the onesie justice?  Ok!

I decided that it needed some ruffles on the butt.  Probably because I wish I could wear butt ruffles all of the time.  Flat butts suck.

I wanted it all pink and white so I added some stitching to the "wrapper" part for some texture.  I love how that turned out!

I promise that it's just laying weird and not puckered because of stitching.  It actually turned out so well!  No seam ripping or anything!  Yeah! 

FYI this took like 30 minutes.  I am positive you can do it too.  Go.  Now.  Make your bff a onesie for her baby due in January.  It's better than shopping for a gift online.  You owe it to her anyway...probably.  Just sayin'.

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  1. Love the little ruffled cupcake!

  2. That is absolutely adorable! What a great gift idea for someone expecting. tami from the high street cottage

  3. Adorable!! Love love love ruffle butts!!