Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Totally bow-dacious dude!

I recently decided to update one of our bathrooms.  It was hard.  It's the guest bathroom AND it's our kids' bathroom.  So I went back and forth between classy or cutesy...or cheap.  Cheap won out yet again!  So Wallyworld had this pretty shower curtain and I thought it was a good compromise between semi-pretty (it's wal-mart...nothing is classy) and cutesy.  Also I thought it would work for a boy/girl bathroom.  It's kinda pretty in person, but kinda ugly in this pic.

So I had this HORRIBLE wicker...yes wicker...shelf thing....

See it there behind my little old narcissistic self?  Sorry, this is the only photo I could find with the shelf in it.  PS...I hate that I took a pic of myself like a teenager...but when my husband takes pictures of me I look fat.  I swear he does it on purpose.

And I thought...hey, this would be ok if it matched!  WRONGO!  Still horrible.  So horrible it's in our garage to go to Goodwill.  I was even going to put fabric on the back (thus the hot glue and partial paint job) but it was just an all around abysmal failure.

Because no amount of paint will help ugly.

So then I remembered that I bookmarked a bow holder idea that might work in place of the shelf.  I was right.  Finally.  I found a frame at goodwill for $5.  It was painted gold.  Awesome.  And it looked something like this.  Only brighter yellow.

But with a little bit of blue spray paint...and an insane amount of luck (cars anyone?) it looks like this!

I had some bias tape that matched perfectly so I sewed on some lace and we stapled it to the back.
Even though I did the lace the other way, I like it sideways instead.
lace sewed to bias for me

See!  It really is bias tape!  It's the first time I used it and I didn't even use it the "right" way!

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  1. Ooh! Really like this idea! Right now Gracie's bow holder is a canvas that i covered with fabric and then put ribbon on. I have been thinking about doing another one, because someone has way to many bows, and i just really really love this idea! I'll have to stop at goodwill to see what I can find! xoxo Kristy

  2. Very very cute! That shelf could actually be pretty cute as an organizer if you painted it white, sanded it a little to make it look all vintage old and then put a fun big bow on the front!!! I'd totally use it in a craft room or office!

  3. Thanks Kristy! It was a fun one to make!

    Sarah, I just couldn't make it work. We had it white in my bathroom and it was bad. Someone much craftier than I am would have to do some work to it! I'm just not good enough! ;)

  4. How cute! I know a lot of little girl mommas who might like one in a bathroom.