Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dresden is in Germany? I thought it was just a pattern.

I'm learning so much through blogging.  I think I get smarter the more I blog/read blogs.  It's true.  I'm a genius now.

Adrianna over at Crafterhours made gorgeous DRESDEN skirt that I just HAD to copy.

I love it so much I don't even want Lady Loo to wear it.  

She is the kind of girl who just has to wear a skirt...while digging in the dirt for worms.  She will ruin this outfit in 30 seconds flat.  But I decided to let her wear it for her kindergarten orientation.  Yeah.  She spilled mac and cheese on it about a half a second after she put it on.  Why did I tell her to change BEFORE lunch?  We were in a hurry that's why.  How is it that we will probably be late for PM kinder?  Sheesh.
It's a little big, but it will be great next spring.

I also added some fabric flowers to a plain ($3) Wally-world T.
I got the idea over at Our Daily Chocolate
She also had one (that I glued onto a barrette) in her hair!


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  1. Love it! You did a great job - and I love the colors you put together too!

  2. Hey, I'm glad you commented! I can tell you're a kindred spirit cause most of your crafts on here are ones I've bookmarked as well! I LOVE this dresden plate skirt, but I don't have anyone to make it for yet! One day, perhaps. :) I would love to see it if you make that quilt for your son - I got all the cars fabric at hobby lobby and then just added some brown, yellow, and green prints to flesh it out. I'd love to see your take on it!