Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm so green!

Nope not green with like...hey look she's not trashing the world God made for us!  I'm pretty sure that's what the Starbucks barista will be thinking when I pop this bad boy out of my purse and say, "No coffee sleeve for me...I made my own."  They won't call me a crunchy hippy...probably.  Call me crazy but I'm proud of my one good deed.  I'm pretty sure it makes up for the 3 months that Enginerd was away working and I kept all of the lights on in the house...all of the time.  Lights make me feel safe.

Excuse the imperfections...I did it in literally 15 minutes.

Other side.  Pretty pretty.  I love green.

I got the idea from House on Hill Road.  It's called a coffee cozy.  I love cozy things.  So if you have 15 minutes...go make one...and you too can be green like me.


  1. Thats adorable! If I bought (or even drank) coffee I would totally make myself one!! Maybe I should start just so I have an excuse to make one :)

  2. Love your color choices! Thanks for sharing ... I've posted a link.