Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's Black and White and Red all over?

My pretty new bedroom, that's what.  I got a soft, gorgeous red chair from Pier One for my bedroom.  Apparently people use these chairs for their dining room.  Ehem...must be nice to be rich.  Well I had **just** enough money for one chair and I was a happy girl.  That's all I needed...until that's not all I needed.  The chair just looked empty.  So I just had to make a cute pillow.
Looks ok right?  A bit lumpy but that's fine.  I'm a bit lumpy too.  

I love this area of my room.  That book is Jane Eyre from Anthropology.  So pretty yet such DRY reading.  I probably won't ever read it.  It's just a prop now. 

I got the pillow tutorial here.  If I could re-do my whole house, it would look like the Smith house.  So perfectly perfect.  Even her laundry room is pretty.  How does someone go about making their laundry room pretty?  It makes my brain hurt to even think about.  I'm just lucky if I don't have clothes strewn about.

You should go make the pillow.  Easy and pretty.  And cheap...especially nice if you spent all of your money on a Pier One "dining" chair. 

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  1. Niiiiice! I LOVE IT! It totally rocks on that red chair! :)
    Thanks for sharing that with me :)