Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall is in the air...

and I thank God I get to stay home with my own kids instead of getting ready for 20+ kids.  I love to teach, but I love my kids way more!

Lady Loo is getting ready to start Kindergarten.  Ouch.  Momma is NOT ready.  So we have been getting school supplies and figuring out what Lady Loo will wear on her first day of school and what to give the teacher to butter her up.  Yeah, I'm that mom.  My daddy taught me how to be a very good suck up.  Not one who slathers it on, but one who gives presents and compliments.  I like to think I suck up gracefully.  It's a skill.  It's on my resume.  Not really.

So while I tell Lady Loo that it's so kind to give gifts, I'm also teaching her that generosity CAN go a long way.  It's a perk so to speak.  Plus God totally loves kindness...but maybe not for self gratification.  Either way, isn't this idea precious?

We have it all ready to take for the first day!  Go here to get the free download.  I heart free everything...except advice.  I don't heart free advice.  Keep it to yourself people.

Now go butter up the teacher.  It's what all of the cool kids are doing.

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