Monday, August 30, 2010

Bootie-licious baby...

Don't you want your baby to be bootie-licious?  Not to be confused with Bootylicious.  Nobody wants their baby to be that.  But bootie-licious would mean they could rock these

 I can't wait to give them to my niece (Miss) tomorrow.  I am even appliqueing (hey that's a real word...neat) a onesie to match.  I think she'll love it.  But she's only 7 months.  She loves everything.  

I think in this case, "light blue trim with puffs" and "licous" are synonymous. 
 I took the easy way out on that and just hot glued it on. 

Also Miss has teeny tiny feet so I cinched up the back so they will hopefully stay on.  

Go make some and you too can have a bootie-licous baby.

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