Saturday, August 21, 2010

Etsy has my heart...

Well Craftgossip is having a super fun giveaway involving my guilty pleasure...etsy.  They are giving $100 away to 3 lucky bloggers.  If you haven't heard of etsy, then you also probably have lots of bumper stickers on your truck and chew with your mouth open and let your dog rub his butt on your carpet (and other things I hate!)  Haha!  I kid I kid!  But seriously if you haven't heard of etsy you are missing out!  Here are a few things I covet...

(I would use this to make a valance in my kitchen)
(I would use this to make a runner for my new black dining table)
(These would just look so pretty on my new table)
(I would use this to make Mr. Man a guitar applique shirt)
(I just think this is such a cute idea...and she's Lady Loo's favorite princess.)

(I would use this for a towel hook in my kitchen)

TOTAL = $86.50 (before shipping)

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