Saturday, December 4, 2010

Apparently I'm stylin'!

My hilarious friend Joy gave me THIS...

How crazy is that?  I guess I must have good taste in blogs because all I do is copy other people!  SO all of you that I have copied, congrats...this award is for you!  But the condition of this award is to pay it forward to your top 8 favorite blogs. 

Here are the official rules

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.
2. Share 8 things about yourself.
3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award.

Here my obscure facts are in no particular order...

1.  I met my husband when I was 15.  We started dating when I was 16.  We got married when I was 19.  Nope I'm not mormon...just really loved the guy!  BUT the thought of Lady Loo marrying at the age of 19 sends me into complete panic!  WHAT were we thinking?  It's been awesome...but wow.  19 is young.
Prom ages 18 and 17

2.  Once upon a time (actually it was just last March) I went to a silent auction and bid on the most amazing thing and WON!  What is it you ask?  Oh it's only a FREE any size, any kind of, drink EVERY Friday for a YEAR at one of my favorite coffee shops!!!!  I get a 24 oz. (yes they have that size and it's AMAZING) iced white mocha.  YUM!...

3.  Yet, my favorite coffee drink at at Starbucks is a vanilla latte.  Weird.  I'm an enigma I tell you.

4.  When I was in kindergarten, there were only six kids in my class.  It was a PUBLIC school.  And 1/3 of us had the same name.  I was part of that 1/3.   Not cool.

5.  My brother is quasi-famous.  He is in LA to be an actor and has been in a commercial, a movie, a disney show and a disney movie.  He supports himself by working at a coffee shop.  Lucky.
The Disney movie my bro was an extra in.  He said Billy Ray was a really nice guy.  He did not ask why he decided to keep his mullet for so long.  Mullets were never cool dude.

6.  One time I met Eric McCormack and he touched my back and called me sweetheart.  True story.  I have a picture with him, but I'm too lazy to go find it and scan it on.  You'll just have to trust me.  It happened.

7.  One of our kids came to us by birth and the other through domestic adoption.  Our adoption was amazing, but it's never all butterflies and rainbows.  Don't believe anyone when they say that.  It's messy because my gain was another's loss and there is no comfort in that.  

8.  We don't have cable.  But we just watch our shows the next day on hulu.  Right now my favorite shows are in THIS order...1. Community, 2. Modern Family, 3. The Office, 4. 30 Rock, 5. Cougar Town, 6. Chuck, 7. Glee

AND NOW FOR THE TOP 8 BLOGS of 2010...According to ME!

She makes me laugh until I pee.  A lot.  You will understand what I mean if you go read her 8 things about her.  Grab a diaper before your read #3.  Seriously.  Also she sang at my wedding, so I like her a lot.  I have a hilarious video of her talking into the wedding camera.  She's always been funny...and stylish.

Oh my  These girls have style coming out of  They are beautiful talented girls and I want their wardrobe.  Most of it is made by them or from amazing sales.  Except their shoes.  They pay good money for SEXY shoes!

I love this girl.  She makes the cutest things.  I'm definitely going to steal copy that earmuff idea.  Super cute.

So stylish, just the like the name says.  I think I might have to try making that Winter Shirt Dress.  I like.

Everything about her blog is stylish.  I stole her idea for a dress and made almost the exact same one for my daughter.  She even e-mailed me to help me find the fabric.  She is so kind and funny and wow...I sound a little creepy and stalkerish.  I'm not.  I just like her blog that's all.  Promise.

I love her crafts so much.  Style galore!  Look at that cute kiss candy holder.  She comes up with the best ideas.  I am often sneaking over to her page for ideas.

You want style?  AMBER had style!  Just check out her tutorials.  She made all of those skirts and dresses.  Stylisious!  I love copying her style.

Did you know you can SPRAY PAINT SHOES???  Well Dana knew.  How cute are those orange shoes?  I copy her frequently.  I kinda want to steal the faux chenille baby blanket she made.  The jewel-toned argyle is so stylish.  

SIGH...I'm DONE.  This took me like 3 days to do.  PHEW.  Blogging is exhausting.  Not really.  I'm sitting on my tush on my comfy couch listening to classical music coming from my husband's computer.  He's playing the game winterbells.  DO NOT google that sucker. It's addictive, but the music is nice.


  1. thanks love!!!! what a super cool award! you deserve it girl! and thanks for passing it on... love ya!

    ~selina, sophie, liv & elise

  2. I just followed some random blogs and ended up here... I now follow your blog and put your button on my blog

    I am also a copycat crafter so I love that you do the same thing and blog about it... occassionally i will blog about what i am making too and sometimes i splice together two or more to make a new creation... i can't wait to see what other cute items you find to make!