Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh Boy Oh Boy hat!

Lucky you!  You get more creepy photos with my kid's face blocked!  Whoot!  I know you will have nightmares tonight...but at least you will have a cute hat to look at.  FYI...I told Mr. Man he could have a treat if he wore the he's grinning like crazy.  The boy loves some treats.  I'm a briber.  I admit it.  It's how I do things and it's working out well for me.

I got this hat tutorial from Delia Creates.  What a creative genius right?  I seriously love this hat!  I used a fun baby blue and brown plaid along with fleece underneath.  I got it all from JoAnne's.  I kinda love how it turned out.

Go check out the tutorial and make a lumberjack hat!  You will be so glad you did.  And so will your son...but only if you have some m&m's to go along with it.  

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  1. You did SO good on this hat! Way better than I did on mine! It looks so cute!

  2. This turned out awesome! I love how big you made the flaps. I want to make another one just so I can make the flaps bigger! :)

  3. I just gave you a Style Award on my blog! In related news: I'm crazy about you. Be afraid.