Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Turn!

I decided it was my turn for a new shirt.  I made this ruffled shirt using the tutorial from That's Sew Me.  It's even flattering on my chubbo bell-eh because it hides the muffin-top.

A muffin-top hiding shirt if you will. 
 Always a crowd pleaser.  

The strip down the middle on my shirt turned out a little wobbly, but I don't mind it that way.  I have such a HARD time sewing on jersey knit!  Anyway, now I'm working on a circle skirt for me.  Unfortunately for me I read the directions wrong and only got enough material for the child size one.  So I have to get some more material.  :)  It's kinda fun being selfish every once in a while and making something for moi.

So go ahead and make this.  It cost me $4 for the shirt which is a whole lot less than JCrew would charge me.

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  1. This looks great! I did this too! They are such fun shirts.

  2. How trendy and edgy! This is awesome! Please add this to my linky party

  3. Very nice! You did a gr8 job on your shirt!!! And, um, I dont think there is any way you are sporting a muffin look awesome!!!

    Found you from FF&JB. I love your blog, you are too cute! I am now following. Come check out LBT when you get a chance and maybe follow back. I would love you as a fellow crafty bloggy chick friend!!! :) Thx!

    P.S. I Love YESHUA (JESUS), 2! HE is my EVERYTHING!!! So nice to 'meet' a Believer.


  4. Finding your blog makes me want to sew. So cute

  5. Great Job on th tee! Can you believe I JUST saw your comment? LOL!
    It looks great on you, and I know what you mean...the tee is very forgiving!
    Thanks for linking back!